Calling for Fall Wedding Submissions!

July 30, 2015

Hello DW readers! Today, we are asking for you to be a part of District Weddings!

If you consistently read our blog, you are familiar with Real Wedding Wednesdays. If you do not know what this is, it is the day out of the week where we focus on real weddings that have occurred in the D.C. or surrounding areas. We post these weddings based on the season that we are in, and this is what we want you to be a part of this fall!

Fall is a beautiful season, so naturally, there are plenty of lovely weddings. We want to see them and we want to share these weddings with everyone. If you have a fall wedding or if you know someone who has pictures from theirs, simply visit our Submissions page and show us your beautiful pictures.

We can’t wait to see!

Jennifer Domenick


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Welcome Gift Wednesday: Week Five

July 29, 2015

Luxury Wedding Welcome Gifts

 by Jamie at Marigold & Grey

I’ve reserved the last week of our “Welcome Gift Wednesday” series for one of my absolute favorite topics…luxury welcome gifts! With gifts in this category, it’s all about creating an experience for guests, one that starts upon arrival and lasts throughout their stay and beyond. You might be wondering how something as simple as a gift can create an actual experience? Definitely read on! Here are ways to fancy-up your gifts and treat your guests to a welcome they will never forget.


Deluxe Packaging


Instead of the standard gift box or paper bag, this is an opportunity to let the packaging be a gift in itself. Choose something that is high-quality and will appeal to both male and female guests. I love these canvas Duck Bags by BAGGU. They hold a lot of items and guests will be thrilled to be able to take these home with them after the wedding. Another favorite is using an unfinished pine crate to hold your gift contents. They have a gorgeous, neutral aesthetic and can also be taken home and used for years to come.







Credit: Marigold & Grey

Amenity Items


Amenities such as Advil and breath mints are super useful in welcome gifts. To achieve a more luxe feel though, consider taking your convenience items to the next level. For example, I absolutely adore Rosebud Salve, packaged in an adorable vintage tin. For a beach-inspired event include high-end SPF and other sun relief items as well as a Turkish-T beach towel. Other options include earplugs and an accompanying eye mask for a good night sleep, a spa robe and bath salts to achieve a spa-like ambiance, or even hangover cures for the morning after aches and pains.

 00391_1-3-15_Bowties and Bubbly_Chesapeake Bay Beach Club_Maryland Wedding_Easternshore Wedding_Wedding Photojournalism Rodney Bailey


Credit: Rodney Bailey Photo



Locally-Sourced Snacks


Choosing handcrafted, locally-sourced snacks is a great way to welcome your guests to the area and show off the best that the town has to offer. Is there a local bakery known for their tarts, pies or other sweet treats? If so, arrange to have them individually wrapped to include in your welcome gifts. Chances are, sweets like these come in unique and high-quality packaging that’s a natural fit for your gift design. Lately, I’ve fallen in love with these caramels from La Vache Microcreamery in Charlottesville, Virginia. These add a very made-from-scratch, yet high end, touch to any gift while also making a local statement.


Another idea is to include regular-size portions as opposed to snack-size. This way, the goodies last the entire weekend and keep guests satisfied.


Credit: La Vache



Custom Maps and Paper Goods


Custom maps are not only personal but beautiful and interesting to look at. They keep the guests engaged, help them get their bearings in a new city and even act as a keepsake that a guest may even want to frame one day. I love this one by Cink Art.

Considering using it as an oversized gift tag on the outside of the bag or even printed on a welcome letter or itinerary card inside the gift itself. The possibilities are endless with this and definitely make the end result incredibly special.

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Credit: Krista A. Jones Photography



Use of Calligraphy


Oh my goodness, I’m a calligraphy addict. I’ve actually tried doing it and am terrible at it which furthers my fascination with those who have mastered it! Adding calligraphy to any gift automatically takes it to another level of gorgeous. Your guests will appreciate the added touch that gives the gift instant polish. These examples by Poppy & Scooter.


Credit: Abby Jiu Photography


Credit: Abby Jiu Photography




Bubbly can, of course, be champagne or prosecco. Or, it can even be a lovely full-size bottle of sparkling water added to the gift in addition to the still water that everyone might expect. I love Voss because of the neutral grey/clear packaging but also adore San Pellegrino and Badoit for a touch of green! Either way, bubbles are elegant, festive and a fantastic way to add the sophistication factor.


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Credit: Krista A. Jones Photography


Fresh Florals


Last but definitely not least, florals are my absolute favorite way to take your gifts from ordinary to extraordinary. Opt for florals and/or greens that tend to keep for a long time since there will be a time lapse between when you send the gifts off and when your guests actually receive them. But if you time it right, you end up with absolute perfection. Your guests see attention to detail, thoughtfulness and as an added bonus, it makes their hotel room smell amazing too.

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Credit: Krista A. Jones Photography

Thanks again to Jamie and Marigold & Grey for five Wednesdays of great welcome gift tips!


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Classy and Charming – Real Wedding of K + J

July 28, 2015

When looking at Kaitlin and Jeff’s wedding, the perfect way to describe it can be wrapped up in one word: “classy”. This was the look that the couple was going for, and they certainly accomplished exactly what they wanted from this day!

The wedding was made up of navy, white, and soft pink colors, and all of them blended perfectly. The feeling of the wedding was gentle, yet exciting and romantic. Kaitlin explains her favorite details in her own words:

I loved how the first floor changed between the ceremony and reception.  The ceremony was beautiful with an arch of flowers and greenery that we stood in front of.  Then when we came downstairs from cocktails for dinner it was amazing to see how the space had been transformed for the reception.

The wedding was located at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, which was the perfect place for Kaitlin and Jeff’s classy and sophisticated wedding.


XtMPeaKoei7hJf_sN4qDCEuDviAoDC1kFRA_0J6WKdA,cxJKVRRYlTWNjABk4-aApBTcywX3Z_1QP9vpgQFpd7wNLq-_eSJsrBtPfDbd68uiqnqfjt_no3VjEOp3h9AJwEULse-DS1VjrxeIvCWvnXwyYU7Eh5oNGVifo6V_nyBpI,J1TR06wR8m3BPazkZITB0GivQSmbc1d2bmujd9Ox2vg1-9qJjlAuRiFaJYkOSbF4exTXqHgvmV2XkQUYw7YszYMSrTYOev95yr93SzmiveEYOKv2FQeSnzAvVu1H0ymmk,G-iuqrmaA15nCZrTlH2qBvbwYfaq3GewEXipLDsGwtsnqE_E8PtjG3QQngadAVxlIBqG_gnNk6jJNrUnn1HZfw,mhCiZfABN0xOfvFFDHuoE6ckEEghX0d060p84RUhmZI 31n1VJMIGqJECKXEDxbFuLCPCT1AILrGYw4qlv6frVo,hoT9O2rNPklfMGJ9u4WOg3H35SmCCelRqWQvRZlXjQIZlzs8ypHrwNjHEzNMgiZeNF6lQe4qwBt0zyL2UZ8xCI,8Js1uznTOcVhaEC3pt0l-cbp_3xXDkRm1yfEYzBpOuoiRK5yQ7dQWfNRGpjOL_UVnqrrPLrqFkrHaOXZ90wNeUx6K9XTu8Tvpq5zWAkQxYXacW37co-dvzBSQq0Cza_QY,gcJylUXlX84tqM0E4bK9i7v1q2_rzPQBms6qZRfiSdo,imFQBNY0KciK30oRFDcPMW75UxH7nTQrG49cPGungDQ0JFLVR-MRGiUfXDo1Q-TED0r1gyjv2GzO5eiMdxm6_8,GogfTxTEBV8t9zoUmDfAe9Lv8JSYSGslvpdQuinPdmE9tnmOc9r-ZSu7l_NeHaP3QlS0rre88aN-x3d3KRTqPw,_Nv6g3W0MtSw7aL7ArUyliFzoBCTgAOj8AqFZxNEmP0OlCccXMMIIfiREXI84WPUTy3Wj40tPmr68NAKD2V6P4,FtXOugdcTW26X8_ArxU_FnrprB3nKaHhMckaoioOEq4,raMDmYWL0gkP1GeWQQOZyzLj6ree8cYteTowtmHbUSw

Kaitlyn + Jeff

November 1, 2014 | Washington, D.C.

Event Planner:  A. Dominick Events  | Design: A. Dominick Events | Florist: Amaryllis | Reception Location: National Museum of Women in the Arts | Ceremony Location: National Museum of Women in the Arts | Rentals: Design Cuisine | Lighting Company: Frost Lighting | Photographer: Abby Jiu | Cake + Desserts: Design Cuisine | Hair + Makeup: Amie Decker Beauty | Invitations and Day-Of Paper Company + Brand: The Dandelion Patch + Sugar Paper | Entertainment Company + Selected Entertainer: Andy Kushner Entertainment + Design Sound Connection


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Destination: Honeymoon – African Safari

July 27, 2015

We’ve covered Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, and now it’s time for an African feature! Have you ever thought about going on an African safari for your honeymoon? Well, the pictures below are pretty explanatory as to why you should consider it now! Africa is a beautiful getaway, and it is the perfect way to spend your first days as a married couple doing something adventurous and exploratory. You could also check out a beach resort in Cape Town for a more tropical feel as you are in the exciting continent of Africa.




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Why District Weddings?

July 24, 2015

Happy Friday, readers! Today we want to discuss a little bit about District Weddings and why we want YOU to be involved!

WHY should you use District Weddings as a source of inspiration for your upcoming wedding?

We provide posts filled with inspiration every weekday, whether it be the real wedding of a lovely couple or a color palette that we can’t get enough of. We have weekly features of DC vendors that we want you to use, and we also have other suggestions that may help you out as well. This summer we have focused on honeymoon destinations, welcome bags, DC weddings, and other topics that any bride or groom could find to be helpful.

Our editor, Jeannette Tavares, is dedicated to running a high-end wedding blog that motivates you to have the most beautiful wedding possible. Her motivation and love for the DC wedding market is unmatched, and she sets the tone for a helpful blog that is always filled with new ideas.

WHY should you advertise with us?

District Weddings loves its vendors, and we want to help your company grow! Our blog is proven to be a resource for DC wedding planners, and your company is sure to receive attention stemming from our site. If you are interested in being on our blog roll, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can receive more information under our “Say Hello” tab about advertising.

WHY should you submit your wedding for a feature on DW?

Share your wedding with readers! During the wedding planning process, it is helpful to visualize certain parts of the wedding and think of new ideas. So much hard work is put into a wedding, and that should be shown to everyone. If you want to submit your wedding, click “Say Hello” on our site, then click “Submissions”.

We love our readers and appreciate your involvement every day!

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