The Love Letter – Alicia and Giovanni

August 20, 2014

Real Wedding Wednesday can provide each of you with a different source of inspiration. Today, is a total tear jerker and true inspiration. The value of this video reminds us all why marriage is life-changing and how important it is to be surrounded with love and support. I will let the video speak for itself, captured by the fabulous StanPe. We will tell you more about StanPe in a vendor interview soon, but enjoy a sneak peak of their work first!

Alicia + Giovanni Wedding Highlight from Stan Pe Films on Vimeo.

Videography: StanPe Films 

Venue: The Hay Adams Hotel and St. Peter’s Catholic Church | Photography: Bill and Anne Holland |

Event Coordinator: Pam Barefoot, Atrendy Weddings 


I Scream for Ice Cream

August 19, 2014

What is more fun than sundae bars, ice cream trucks and boozy milkshakes? Incorporating them into your wedding, of course! Everyone will be pleasantly surprised (and guiltily satisfied) by this sweet indulgence. Give your guests the freedom to create their own ice cream sundae with an ice cream station. From cherries and whip cream to sour gummies and sprinkles, there are toppings for everyone to create their own delicacy. Ice cream trucks are also a fun and interactive treat. Have one stop by for a refreshing “cool-down” during dancing. Don’t forget one of our favorites, boozy milkshakes. They are the perfect late-night surprise to pass through the party and can easily be made kid-friendly.


Photography: Paige Jones + Ruth Eileen


Photography: Marianne Taylor Photography


Mixing Metals

August 18, 2014

One of these things doesn’t belong with the others…

A. Black and Brown

B. Navy and Black

C. Silver and Gold


The Answer? It’s easy…

Old-school wisdom and what we grew up on, always said that the following was unacceptable, but somewhere along the line, though it has become okay and now trendy! {thank goodness}

Mixing your metals, silver, gold, brass, bronze, and copper can happily cohabitate in any room. You’ll get the most impact if you mix cool metals like silver with warm metals like gold or brass. Metallics are the new neutrals, Don’t be afraid to layer gold, silver and bronze together when designing.


District Weddings Blog_0027


District Weddings Blog_0026

Al Fresco Affair

August 15, 2014

With this radiant sunshine, refreshing breeze and the weekend upon us, an al fresco affair is a must! The great thing about al fresco engagements is they take little planning and the spontaneity is what makes them exciting. Grab your best girlfriends, a bottle of wine, the beverage napkins stored in the closet and have everyone bring their favorite summer dish. Before you know it, you’ll be sipping and savoring the afternoon away!

2014-08-14_0001 2014-08-14_0002 2014-08-14_0003

The Innovator Behind Making Tables Social

August 14, 2014

On Tip Tuesday, we shared with you our tips on how to making your seating chart a success. Today, we are beyond excited to introduce to you a 2014 event innovator and the man behind the greatest event tool I have personally ever come across.

[drumroll, please]


Dan Berger of Social Tables is here today with the #DW team to teach us a little more about Social Tables and why it can transform planning and logistics. “Meeting planning automation is our business. So the process can be as frictionless as possible, and planners can focus on strategy more than operations.” says Berger. Dan took a risk and for that reason alone he is a trendsetter in the event world. Social Tables is growing each and everyday and we had to make sure we interviewed him while we could get the opportunity!

Social Tables Logo - High Quality copy

The District: How and why did Social Tables get started?

DB: A few years ago, I was attending a destination wedding where I didn’t know any of the guests. I thought to myself: “Wouldn’t it be cool if I got to see a seating chart of the event online beforehand so I could know who everyone was?” And that’s how Social Tables was born! 

The District: Why is Social Tables changing the event industry? Why do you feel like your product is important for event pros to use? 

DB: The job of the event prof is more strategic than ever. They have to think about the guest experience and their client’s happiness. At the same time, technology is automating many of the manual processes they have been doing. Social Tables brings collaboration to the core of the planning process and automates many antiquated processes as well.

The District: Can brides and grooms use social tables?

DB: Yes! A planner can add anyone, including their clients. 

The District: Where do you see Social Tables in 5 years? 

DB: Our hope is that we will be a household name in the events industry, recognized for beautiful products, outstanding customer service and industry education. From a product perspective, 5 years is a long time. We are committed to listening to our customers and building products that align with our mission of inspiring face-to-face experiences. As long as we don’t lose sight of that, we should be good.

District Wedding Bonus question: How do you make that amazing Chex-Mix {something that every  ST visitor gets to nibble on}

DB: This comes from our core value of staying lean. To save money, we bought all of the ingredients separately, dumped them in a trash can and mixed it up like hell! 

…I guess that hows deliciousness is made!


Thank you so much Dan for your insight today. We love promoting social tables, using social tables and of course making weddings and tables a more social environment!

Learn more about Social Tables and how they have secured $8 million in series A funding to be led by Bessemer Venture Partners

With this funding, Social Tables will be able to continue to grow and make the event industry thrive in the heart of the District.


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