Capturing the Moment

July 22, 2014

Our favorite wedding moments, are those captured when no one is expecting it. The unforgettable pictures are the ones that unforgettable moments created. Today we bring you some of our favorite snapshots of when a photographer caught a moment in lens that will now last a lifetime. Photographers have a large responsibility on a wedding day. We recommend hiring a second photographer or making sure yours brings along an assistant, so that the “must-haves” will be caught on film and  all the little moments in between. If you’re really up for some spontaneous shots, enlist the little ones for photography duty, and provide them with disposable cameras!





Embracing Your Future Mother-in-Law

July 15, 2014

It’s important to remember you weren’t the first woman in your mans life. Embrace the idea of gaining a mother-in-law and use the planning process as a way to strengthen your relationship, without letting it stress you out!

1. Use Your Time Wisely; There are so many wedding activities that take place throughout the planning period. From bridal fittings, to tastings, to showers and celebrations, there are many opportunities for you to invite your future mother-in-law along for the excitement! Include her in as many decisions as you are willing, without letting it stress you out. Remember, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know her better, but don’t make it your number one priority to appease his mom!

2. Give Her Responsibilities; Everyone likes to feel as though they are needed. Delegate her “wedding responsibilities” so that she feels important enough for you to entrust her with wedding duties. A great area for her to oversee is the out of town guests. Make her the point of contact for traveling friends and family. She can make hotel arrangements, coordinate room blocks and answer any questions guests may have about traveling for your big day.

3. Plan the Rehearsal Dinner Together; Traditionally, it is the grooms side of the family that is responsible for planning and paying for the rehearsal dinner. Think of it as a fun and creative bonding experience for you and your future mother-in-law. Plan coffee dates to discuss details or have girls night to taste menu items and select wine!

4. Be Inspired by Her Talents + Interests; We all have our hidden talents, so take the opportunity to get to learn some of hers. Maybe she’s good at creating flower arrangements or paper and signage is her forte. Either way, take her on your floral meetings or have her tag along to your invitation design sessions. Who knows, you may learn a thing or two!

5. Give Her a Meaningful “Thank You” Gift; Let’s face it, that good-looking, successful man wouldn’t be here without her. Be sure to give her a special “thank you” present on the day of the wedding letting her know you appreciate all of her help and for simply raising the man of your dreams!




Taking the First Steps

July 8, 2014

In same-sex weddings, question may arise as to how  the couple should enter their ceremony. The exciting thing is, it’s your big day and there are no rules on the “proper” way to walk down the aisle. Even though there will always be some sort of slated “traditional way,”  that doesn’t mean it is for you. Today, we have a few ideas to help you decide the best way for you and your significant other to approach the processional.

You can walk to the place of marriage at the same time coming from different directions

You can walk down the same aisle individually

You can walk down the same aisle holding hands 

You can process in individually behind your wedding party

You can process in with your parents

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Gentleman, Sip on This

July 3, 2014

Kaufmann Mercantile’s designs marry both function and beauty. It is the creation of Sebastian Kaufmann, a German expat with a great appreciation for design, art, cooking, science, and the outdoors. Today, we share with you the exclusive Leather Flask Sheath. Easy enough to fit in the breast pocket of a sports coat, or take on an outdoor adventure, this leather sheath holds and protects the 4-ounce and 6-ounce Handmade Pewter Flask. Each piece is handcrafted by leather craftsmen specializing in traditional Scottish kilt belts and accessories. From the reception to the first camping trip of the summer, give your right-hand man the gift he deserves. Trust us, when I tell you they will love to sip on this!


flask-sheath-1 flask-sheath-2 tumblr_n7qu60jvU71qageyso1_1280

Sweet Tea Photography Shakes Things UP!

May 22, 2014

Today we’re switchin’ things up a little bit…..adding a little sexy to the mix! From Sweet Tea Photography -


We are so excited to finally publicly announce that we are now offering Boudoir portrait sessions. We have actually been offering these sessions for about 4 years now but typically only booked clients that specifically asked if we do so. Our clients have been so happy with the sessions that I’ve become more and more open to the idea.

Now some of you are probably wondering what the heck these sessions entail. Typically bride’s will book this session and take beautiful photos of themselves in order to gift them to their future husband on their wedding day. So I guess you would think of it as “pin-up” photos. Basically it’s a portrait session with fun lingerie, much like pin-up images, that the bride gifts to the groom as a wedding gift. There sure haven’t been any complaints from the grooms!




Photo Credit: Sweet Tea Photography

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