Grooms be Grooms

July 25, 2016

You know the line…boys will always be boys, well, it’s also true about grooms!

As a bride/groom, it is important for you to not get frustrated with this new news, but instead be proactive.

Well how do you do this? It’s easy, follow our steps!


  1. The groom has officially asked his groomsmen, now you jump in!

Send an email to the entire groomsmen party, giving them as much information as possible about the wedding planning. Lay out the “ground rules.”

Will you be providing them attire? Do they need to start saving for your wedding? What do they need to do? When do they need to arrive in-town? What wedding activities are they in-charge of / need to plan for?

2. Speeches? Is the best-man the only one speaking? or are there more? Is it a group speech?

Get all that information prior, so you aren’t surprised/upset on your big day. I recommend sending them tips for speeches and giving them a time limit. Did you know the average attention span is 8 second…yes, you must keep guests on their toes to keep them listening!

3.  Attire? Get it done early on! From personal experience, I used the black tux and LOVED it.  Talk about organization and professionalism. It is online and makes it easy for those boys coming from all different parts of the world for your big day!

4. Drinking? Yes, you need to tell them in advance to not over drink on your big day. I recommend sending them an email directly from you (leaving off the groom) explaining to them that this is a super important day in your life and would appreciate if they didn’t drink until cocktail hour. Today isn’t the day for bottomless brunch…

5. Let them have fun, you can’t change them. You forget how nervous they are! Let them enjoy the experience too. It’s the hands-on/hands-off experience. You will know, how much to do and how little do it, once you are in this role!




  • Sera Petras

Good Lookin’ Grooms

July 7, 2016

Needing a little style inspiration to get the men on your big day looking their sharpest?  We are fascinated by the street-style looks coming from the recent menswear trade show in Florence, Italy!  Pitti Uomo is a staple in men’s fashion that brings together icons and newcomers alike from all around the world.

Our favorite part?  The “Pitti Peacocks”!  These fashionable men can be seen strutting through the city squares hoping to show off their feathers and get in on the action.  Known for their bold styles, the Pitti Peacocks are the perfect inspiration for all you fashionista brides to ensure that your groom and his boys will be looking as tailored as ever!  Check out some of our favorite looks from the week! 





Photos by Enrico Labriola for Pitti Immagine

Photos by Enrico Labriola for Pitti Immagine


  • Enrico Labriola

From Arlington to NYC!

June 20, 2016

We met at a holiday party in Arlington, VA in December of 2012- We were introduced by Andrew’s best friends. While we “just knew” at the part when we met that there as something special about our connection, life got in the way and we didn’t start dating until we reconnected in July 2013. We were both living in Arlington at the time – our apartments were literally down the street from one another- and our first date was a dog walk with Andrew’s dog Riley. He makes an appearance in some of the engagement pictures! We fell in love pretty much right after that first dog walk and have been together ever since! 

Just a few months after we started dating however, Andrew was offered a great job in Manhattan and we both knew he needed to take it! So we did two years of long distance between DC and NYC starting in October 2013. Every other weekend we took the train and vamoose bus back and forth until I found a position at a hospital in NYC in October of 2015.
Now we work and live on the Upper East Side, near Central park (which Riley loves!). During the two years of  our long distance romance Andrew would walk Riley through Central park in the evenings and we would talk on the phone about how our days went and how we couldn’t wait to be together someday. That is why the park is particularly special for us and we wanted our pictures taken there- together!… after so two long years of waiting!
They will be married in DC….
Kate and Andrew 0008 Kate and Andrew 0017
Kate and Andrew 0019 Kate and Andrew 0028


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Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gifts!

June 2, 2016

Sweet Root Village put together some fabulous gifts recently and today, they are sharing where and how these beautiful babies came to life!
These bridesmaids gifts were all things sweet, wintery citrus, and floral. A perfectly light combo of deliciousness for these ladies. The gifts included Anthropologie’s Royal Apothic Eau de Parfum, Castelbel’s Plumeria Blossom soap which you can find at World Market, and a delicious nougat treat from The Italian Store to satisfy a little sweet tooth!

The Groomsmen gifts included a pretty rocking stormtrooper tie clip from SirCuffs on Etsy to pay subtle homage to Josh’s deep love of Star Wars. As well as sleek clay pomade from Baxter Of California and a metal hair comb with a bottle opener by Wood ‘n Steel that can be found at Heritage Dry Goods.

The looks were perfectly on point for this crew of attendants and such perfect inspiration for a thoughtful collection of items to love on your closest of friends and thank them for standing with you on such an important day!

01 Details-46 01 Details-47 01 Details-48
01 Details-50

01 Details-53 01 Details-54 01 Details-5501 Details-58 01 Details-59 01 Details-60 01 Details-61


  • Sweet Root Village

Leo & Lee’s

May 12, 2016

Leo, one of our founders, witnessed greatness at his wedding when an old college roommate, currently a U.S. Army doctor, removed his black tuxedo jacket at the crescendo of a wild dance move to reveal a tuxedo shirt emblazoned with American Flag sleeves. The wedding was a black tie affair at the Four Seasons in Georgetown, D.C. The crowd went wild. Brandon “Lee”, a Baltimore based entrepreneur, and longtime friend of Leo, was equally inspired by this moment of boldness. The two teamed up with one of Silicon Valley’s rising stars in e-commerce and growth to build Leo & Lee’s.



Charitable Mission: We donate a portion of proceeds from our signature Stars & Stripes shirt to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. The Special Operations Warrior Foundation ensures full financial assistance for a post-secondary degree from an accredited two or four-year college, university, technical, or trade school; and offers family and educational counseling, including in-home tutoring, to the surviving children of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps special operations personnel who lose their lives in the line of duty.

Custom and Made in the USA:  Our shirts are manufactured in Baltimore, MD and made from premium fabrics. We start with 100% cotton poplin sourced from a family owned New York City textile business with a nearly 100 year history. We layer bespoke patterns of your choice onto the sleeves and back of the shirt and cut it to your size. What you end up with is a one-of-a-kind dress shirt that will change your world. These shirts are sometimes referred to as “Party Shirts” and customers can even add monograms or fun pockets for additional flare!

Just for you DW Readers, we have a special promo…10% off all purchases using the promo code: DISTRICT10

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