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Finding the Perfect Wedding Entertainment: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

August 28, 2017

Ask any seasoned event pro and they will quickly tell you that music can either make or break an event.  Those are high stakes – especially when the event is your wedding. The good news is there are tons of great entertainment options out there. The often challenging part is determining which options are a perfect fit for your event. We sat downs with the pros at ECE (formerly EastCoast Entertainment) who shared with us five questions you should ask yourself as you begin your perfect wedding entertainment search.



  1. What kind of vibe do we want for our reception?

How do you envision your wedding? Think about the overall experience you wish for you and your guests. Are you aiming for a glam, high-energy party or a reception that is more low-key and relaxed?

The entertainment is a key factor in determining the ambience of your reception.  A 12-piece party band that only plays the latest Top 40 hits will set a much different tone than a classic Motown band or 4-piece jazz ensemble.


  1. Who will be attending our reception?

Think about your guests and the type of music that gets them on the dance floor. If your crowd is a mix of young and old, choosing a band that can play a variety of songs from various decades will be surefire hit. Likewise, if you know that you will have a predominately young crowd who will want to party hard, look for a band who can slay today’s chart-topping hits.


  1. Where will the reception take place?

Does your venue have space constraints? If your reception is in a particularly smaller space, it may be necessary to consider a top-notch DJ or bands with 5 or less pieces. Along those same lines, if your venue is cavernous, you will want to book a larger band to fill the space.


  1. Do I need entertainment for events outside of the reception?

Wedding Weekends are now the norm. With guests traveling from both near and far, couples want their guests to mix, mingle and have a blast the entire weekend.  Welcome parties are popular since this is typically the first fête that brings everyone together and sets the tone for the entire weekend. Different from the rehearsal dinner, welcome parties typically involve all guests or, at least, all out-of-town guests and the wedding party. You want the entertainment to be amazing, but different from what you have in store for your reception. Instead of a variety band, use the welcome party as an opportunity to hone in on a particular type of music that you and your fiancé love such as Americana, bluegrass, Yacht Rock, country, or decade specific.


Other considerations should include any musicians you may want for the ceremony, cocktail hour, or events on Sunday (Hello, jazzy Sunday brunch!).  One benefit of working with a large entertainment agency like ECE is that it can be a one-stop shop for all of your entertainment needs.


  1. What is my budget?

Be honest with yourself about your budget and know that great entertainment options are available at every price point – especially if you book far enough in advance of your date before availability becomes an issue.  It is true that you can often score a deal if your wedding  is occurs in January, February or March simply because the demand is less during the first quarter of the year and more artists are available.

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ECE (formerly EastCoast Entertainment)


What’s Hot? – Rhythm 6 Of Andy Kushner Entertainment

September 12, 2016

What’s Hot in the wedding world right now? 

Rhythm6,  a high-energy, diverse, 7- piece musical group with an unparalleled stage presence that exudes positivity. Consisting of three lead singers, lead singer/guitarist, and rhythm section, with option to add horns, this band prides itself on its ability to move audiences. Each performance is an emotional, stylized experience that can be customized to the tone and scope of your event. This group of talented young singers and musicians will absolutely resonant with each of your guests.

How do get a hold of learn more about Rhythm 6? Visit Andy Kushner Entertainment




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