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Tip the Professionals

April 12, 2016

Don’t under estimate the importance of a hand written thank you note following the wedding to your entire vendor team for all of their time, efforts and dedication to celebrating you on your big day. Tipping is also important and although not mandatory, much appreciated for a job well done. For a breakdown of what we suggest, see below –

Wedding Planner – $200 or a thoughtful gift

Hair + Makeup – 15-20% 

Ceremony Officiant – $50-$100

Photographer + Videographer – $100-$200

Catering Manager – $100

Bartenders, Waiters, Coat Check [all reception attendees] – $20-25 per

Band or DJ – $25-40 per Musician / $50-$100 for DJ

Transportation – 10-15%



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Taking Pictures with Children

February 9, 2016

Trying to get everyone to cooperate for wedding pictures can definitely prove to be challenging, especially when you have little ones on your hands! Keep in mind some of our helpful tips when it comes to managing the unpredictable mind of a child. Often times, they turn out to be some of the most memorable pictures!

  1. Give them a role – Kids also love to have a responsibility. Let them feel important by handing over a special role, that only they can handle!
  2. Give them an activity – This one is great for the toddlers. “Touch your cheeks, touch your nose, hug the bride!”
  3. Give them a prop – It can be the bouquet or bubbles. As long as you are okay with having it in your pictures. It helps to keep their minds engaged.
  4. Send Mom + Dad out of sight – It’s true, kids are always testing their parents and you are most likely to get the shots you are hoping for if Mom and Dad are out of sight.
  5. Let them be kids – This one may seem to be frustrating, but kids are kids and if you are looking for the cutest candid shots, you will get them. Let them cover their eyes for the camera, try on your veil or stick their tongue out at their big brother (don’t tell Mom). We promise they will be some of your favorite memories!

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The Honeymoon

January 26, 2016

Yes, of course you are looking forward to the wedding and celebrating with all of the loved ones in your life, but just as exciting is when the two of you get to jetset off for some much needed alone time. Whether you have plans to leave for somewhere tropical the morning after, or you have booked a safari in Africa a few months down the road, here are a few important reminders before taking off!

  1. Make sure all boarding passes are in your mobile wallet as well as have a print out of all flight information in your carry on. One set is not enough!
  2. Leave behind your itinerary and flight information with someone in your family.
  3. Save money and time by packing light. There is no need to over pack. Try to fit everything in a carry on to avoid lost luggage and avoid baggage fees.
  4. Confirm with your travel agent any special passport, visa or vaccination requirements. Many countries now are requiring passports valid six months after entering the country. Your doctor may also recommend specific vaccines if you are planning to travel somewhere exotic.
  5. Invest in travel insurance. There could be a number of incidences that cause you to return home early or force you to seek emergency medical treatment. Travel insurance provides protection for your honeymoon investment.



RSVP Etiquette

January 19, 2016

An invitation comes with important obligations – be respectful and fulfill your duty as the ultimate guest!

  1. RSVP in the appropriate manner indicated on the card; email, phone call, response card, regret only.
  2. Not showing up is not an option: The only acceptable excuses for not showing up after you have RSVPd are an illness, death or unavoidable business conflict. Hey, we all have crazy schedules, but weddings are expensive and once you commit the couple accommodates for your attendance.
  3. The invitation is only extended to those invited. It is not appropriate to ask to bring a date or guest if they were not listed on the invitation, or you were not given a plus one.




  • Hannah Hudson

The Gift of all Gifts!

November 30, 2015

‘Tis true, the holiday season is right around the corner, and I can only imagine how many last minute stops everyone has until everything is perfectly wrapped under the tree! Not to worry. We are here to help today!

Here’s a gift that brides, bridesmaids and guests can wear all day and night. Meet Tieks, “the most versatile designer flats in the world. Made of the finest Italian leathers and designed to fold and fit in a purse. Wearable all day, every day.”

Tieks come in all types of colors, so you are bound to find your match (or matches).

 Stop by Tieks Online Boutiek and find yours today!


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