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Capture Every Moment

May 12, 2015

Other than the memories of your grandma shagging with your new groom on the dance floor – your wedding album is the only remnant leftover from the big day! Be sure to choose a photographer that is going to capture everything and more you hope to have long after the day is over – we have a list of questions you will want to be sure to ask before hiring your wedding photographer.

1. Are you the photographer who will be shooting + will you bring an assistant with you?

2. How long have you been shooting weddings?

3. Do you have a full portfolio of recent weddings you have shot that I can take a look at?

4. Have you ever worked with anyone else on our vendor team + at the ceremony and reception venue?

5. How would you describe your style of photography?

6. How do you like to work the day of the wedding? (Do you like to linger and and shoot naturally or do you like to take charge?)

7. Do you shoot digitally, in film, or both?

8. Can I customize your wedding packages based on my needs?

9. Do you provide retouching and other corrective services?

10. What do you think makes you distinct?

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  • Catherine Hall
  • Alison Conklin
  • Stacey Pentland

Entertaining the Tots While You’re Tying the Knot

April 7, 2015

Searching for ideas to entertain the little ones at your wedding? There are lots of fun, craft inspired activities for them to participate in!

- Kraft Paper Table Cloths: Create a kids table that is covered with Kraft Paper. Include bright crayons and markers and they will channel their inner artist leaving you with what could be a memorable wedding surprise!

- Create a Wedding Scavenger Hunt: Give each kid a disposable camera and put together a list for them to capture images of – a white dress, a kiss, two people holding hands, the list goes on!

- Dessert on a Stick: There’s nothing more exciting to a 6 year old than creating your own delectable dessert! Have anything from a Marshmallow, Cake Pop, or Rice Krispie Bar for them to dip and decorate a delicious treat!

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Elegant Easter

April 3, 2015

When you walk through stores this time of year, you’d think that Easter was a holiday reserved just for kids. Adorable little Easter dresses for the girls and suits for the boys. Brightly-colored baskets with brightly-colored eggs. And, of course, let’s not forget the Easter Bunny.

Today, we are sharing a fabulous shoot that Marigold and Grey pulled together right in time for Easter weekend. As she prepares for the weekend to welcome guests into her room, she wanted to create something elegant and organic, something that would remind her of childhood but, ultimately, would be the the perfect adult Easter…and yes, there would be Cadbury eggs involved!


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Photography: Renee Hollingshead Photography | Styling: Marigold & Grey | Macarons: Sweet Hearts Patisserie | Calligraphy: Meant to Be Calligraphy


  • Renee Hollingshead
  • Marigold and Grey

The Cost of Being in the Bridal Party

March 31, 2015

Yes, weddings are expensive, and for everyone involved. It is important to be conscious of how much your bridal party is actually spending on your big day. It is an honor to be asked to stand by your loved ones, but also a large financial commitment. As a bridesmaid, they are often times spending money on wedding attire from a dress to shoes to jewelry, bridal showers, bachelorette weekend, transportation, hotel stays, hair and makeup for the day of the wedding, and the list goes on. The average bridesmaid will spend between $1,500-$1,700 by the time the wedding is over. Make yourself aware of the time and financial efforts your bridal party is putting in to making sure your dream day is everything you wanted. Don’t forget to show them your gratitude and remember everyone loves a little pampering. Hey, they deserve it!





Photography: Elizabeth Messina, Kristin Vining, Jennifer Childress, Je T’aime Beuty

Seat Your Wedding Guests – The Ultimate Floorplan

March 16, 2015

In the PAST….

  • Long bridal party tables against a wall or a stage, were a must
  • A sweetheart table, was the only way to go
  • Floorpans with paper trails and post-it notes were a thing


DIY seating chart


  • You don’t need to put your bridal party on display any longer
  • Allow your bridal party to sit with their significant others, they are separated all day from their guests and it will lead to a more enjoyable night for all.
  • Feel free to sit with your family and guests, getting direct attention isn’t for everyone!
  • Electronic tracking is the way to go; create a spreadsheet, sort, categorize and easily move your guests around to get to that final floorplan.
  • Be smart about guest placement, if two people aren’t friends/don’t get along, sit them away from each other. The last thing you want is a drama filled evening!
  • Programs such as social tables; which can be found through planners and caterers will allow for you to visualize your table arrangements + will lead to a stress-free table assignments!

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