A Rustic Affair – Real Wedding of J + P

September 23, 2015

The couple wanted to create a cozy, rustic, relaxed atmosphere that would make all their guests feel like family. Pulling the event together was a group effort, the family helped with the flowers for the decor.  They created dozens of loose, romantic arrangements in mason jars, pitchers, and vintage milk bottles to be scattered throughout the venue.

Patrick and Jennifer’s courtship was a whirlwind — just three weeks after meeting, they started hinting at marriage, and six weeks later, they stumbled upon The Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards in Hamilton, VA, and knew it was perfect for their wedding, which was held just nine and a half months after they met.

In lieu of cake, the couple, who love cooking together and have many fellow food-loving friends, asked some of their guests to contribute to a homemade pie bar. The result was a decadent buffet including cheesecake, a chocolate pudding cream tart, cranberry chess pie, concord grape pie, pumpkin pie, and of course, apple pie, among others (accompanied by a gigantic bowl of whipped cream!)

We knew this wedding would be the perfect feature for the first day of Fall!

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District Favorite: The arriving guests sipped of hot cider served from a vintage pottery dispenser. The kraft paper sleeves on the cups were stamped with the couples’ custom wedding day design!

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Jennifer Brickman + Patrick Rasche

The Barns at Hamilton Station | Virginia

Photographer: Carrie Holbo Photography | Videographer: Michael Horn |Venue: The Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards, Hamilton, VA |Event Coordinator: Laura Harrison, Evie Lou Events | Catering: Northwest Fresh | Invitations & Programs: Beth Elzer, graphic designer | Floral Design: Whitney Johnston | Band: Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society |


  • Carrie Holbo Photography

Soft Sentimentality – Real Wedding of J + P

August 5, 2015

As we come upon August and the season of fall is finally arriving, we want to share a beautiful fall wedding with you!

Julia and Patrick’s wedding took place on a perfect fall day in Washington, D.C. Their ceremony was at Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church, where they tied the knot with grins on their faces and love in their eyes.

After the ceremony, guests made their way over to the reception. Shades of blush and champagne softly adorned the Mandarin Oriental, reflecting the elegance and charm of Julia and Patrick’s romance. The wedding was simple, which highlighted the exciting love that J + P share.

A highlight of the night was when the reception stopped and Patrick shared his surprise for Julia – a sweet song that he wrote for her. The night was filled with romantic gestures and the kind of joy that stems from two people in love.IMG_0035 IMG_0057

IMG_0005 IMG_0060 IMG_0125 IMG_0263 IMG_0375 IMG_0448 IMG_0571 IMG_0697 IMG_0765 IMG_0813 IMG_0828 copy IMG_1343IMG_0128 IMG_1346 IMG_1361 IMG_1417 IMG_1423 IMG_1424 IMG_1304

Event Planner: Thy Parra, EVOKE | Design: Syzygy | Florist: Holly Chapple Flowers | Reception Location: Mandarin Oriental | Photographer: Dominique Fierro | Ceremony Location: Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church | Rentals: DC Rental + Party Rental | Lighting Company: PSAV | Valet + Transportation: Avalon and American Eagle Limousine | | Cake + Desserts: Maggie Austin Cakes | Invitations and Day-Of Paper Company + Brand: Dandelion Patch | Entertainment Company + Selected Entertainer: Neo Kyma Entertainment | Room Blocks: Mandarin Oriental | Videographer: Stan Pe  | Wedding Dress: Vera Wang | Wedding Shoes: Louboutins


  • Dominique Fierro

Classy and Charming – Real Wedding of K + J

July 28, 2015

When looking at Kaitlin and Jeff’s wedding, the perfect way to describe it can be wrapped up in one word: “classy”. This was the look that the couple was going for, and they certainly accomplished exactly what they wanted from this day!

The wedding was made up of navy, white, and soft pink colors, and all of them blended perfectly. The feeling of the wedding was gentle, yet exciting and romantic. Kaitlin explains her favorite details in her own words:

I loved how the first floor changed between the ceremony and reception.  The ceremony was beautiful with an arch of flowers and greenery that we stood in front of.  Then when we came downstairs from cocktails for dinner it was amazing to see how the space had been transformed for the reception.

The wedding was located at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, which was the perfect place for Kaitlin and Jeff’s classy and sophisticated wedding.


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Kaitlyn + Jeff

November 1, 2014 | Washington, D.C.

Event Planner:  A. Dominick Events  | Design: A. Dominick Events | Florist: Amaryllis | Reception Location: National Museum of Women in the Arts | Ceremony Location: National Museum of Women in the Arts | Rentals: Design Cuisine | Lighting Company: Frost Lighting | Photographer: Abby Jiu | Cake + Desserts: Design Cuisine | Hair: Amie Decker Beauty | Makeup: Kim Giammaria | Invitations and Day-Of Paper Company + Brand: The Dandelion Patch + Sugar Paper | Entertainment Company + Selected Entertainer: Andy Kushner Entertainment + Design Sound Connection


  • Abby Jiu

Old-World Romance – Real Wedding of L + H

July 21, 2015

Lia and Hudson’s wedding was classic, elegant, and Victorian, just like Lia wanted it to be! The wedding’s venue, The Andres Mellon Auditorium, was perfect for the occasion, as its traditional charm allowed Lia and Hudson’s romance to be showcased in a beautiful and pristine way. Both the ceremony and reception were in this venue.

The sheer white drapes that decorated the ceremony created a romantic feeling as the bride and groom said, “I do.” Lia’s wedding dress was the perfect fit for the old-world feel of the event, as its details were precise and eye-capturing. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktails as they viewed the Washington Monument from the upstairs terrace of the venue. Lia and Hudson’s signature cocktail was “La Vie En Rose”.

At the reception, the groom toasted to his bride and introduced the a capella group “The Generics” from his alma mater, the University of Maryland. Dinner was a scrumptious six-course meal, catered by Federal City. Everything about the wedding was Victorian, from the gold-edged menus to the memorabilia that the couple had their guests write notes on for them.

The Gerard Carelli Orchestra played and the guests began to dance the night away! On the way out, guests were offered cigars served on silver trays and crystal Tiffany bowls wrapped in the groom’s tartan ribbon and tied with Jordan almonds. Each guest received a personal note as well, which was an intimate touch.

Lia and Hudson exited the wedding in true classic fashion – they took a vintage car tour around the monuments at night!

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Event Planning: Engaging Affairs | Ceremony & Reception Site: The Mellon Auditorium | Caterer: Federal City, Jeff Judy | Floral Designer: Amaryllis, Rick Davis | Photographer: Greg Gibson | Sound: Nomad | Dance Floor: Perkins | Draping: A Vista | Cocktail Trio & Dance Band: Gerard Carelli Orchestra |  A Cappella Group: The UMD Generics | Cake: Sylvia Weinstock | Lighting: Digital Lightning | Shuttles and Limos: Linder and Associates | Classic Car: Regal Limousine | Hair: Elegant Hair by Giselle | Make-up: Kim Giammaria | Rentals: Party Rental | Rentals: Perfect Settings | Liquor: ACE Beverage | Getting Ready, Welcome Reception & Rehearsal Dinner: The Willard Inter-Continental Hotel


  • Greg Gibson Photography

An Enchanting Event – Real Wedding of J + E

July 14, 2015

With the mountains in the background and colorful flowers in full bloom, Jenny and Eoin tied the knot. Charlottesville, Virginia, held a beautiful wedding, as a long-distance couple finally was able to be together in the same country.

Jenny and Eoin met in London and were engaged in Paris, which is why vintage postcards were set up all around their wedding day. They both studied in the UK for their Masters programs, but Jenny had to leave Europe before Eoin did. Finally, nine months later, the couple was together again, and this time for good.

The wedding details had a lot to do with the homes of both Jenny and Eoin, which are Ireland for Eoin and Virginia for Jenny. Jenny made a lot of her decor, such as the programs, menus, favor cards, etc. For their favors, they donated to two charities that were close to them: The Lost Dog and Cat Foundation and American Rivers.

It was a lovely day, filled with perfect weather and a perfect couple. Congratulations Jenny and Eoin!

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Jenny + Eoin

Charlottesville, VA – April 11, 2015

Event Planner: Day of Coordinator: Beverly Wakefield, A Grand Affair Events | Design: DIY | Florist: Jenn Pineau, Nature Composed | Ceremony/Reception Location: Early Mountain Vineyards | Rentals: MS Events | Valet + Transportation: Reston Limousines |Photographer: Matt Mendelsohn | Cake + Desserts: annaB Gluten Free (cake and cupcakes), Olivia Macaron | Hair + Makeup: Bridal Artistry DC (hair by Mandy Holinger) | Invitations and Day-Of Paper Company + Brand: Rifle Paper Company
(invitations), The Dandelion Patch (invitation envelope calligraphy), Adrianne Enos (day-of calligraphy) | Entertainment Company + Selected Entertainer: Sam Hill Entertainment, The Significant Others | Roomblocks/After Party Locations: Hyatt House Falls Church, Courtyard Marriott Dunn Loring


  • Matt Mendelsohn

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