An All-American Duo: Real Wedding of T + C

July 3, 2015

It is Independence Day weekend, and we have a wedding to share with you that perfectly celebrates the holiday!

Tanya and Clay knew that America had to be the theme of their wedding – after all, they met as they both worked on Capitol Hill and were engaged on the Speakers’ Balcony at the Capitol! The couple had family and friends from Utah and Colorado travel to D.C. to see the sights of the nation’s capital, which was a highlight of the wedding.

The couple’s save the dates looked like campaign flyers with candidate buttons, and their welcome bags were even complete with mini pocket constitutions and chocolate Capitol Domes! Talk about the most perfect American-themed wedding. Each of their table names at the reception were places in D.C. that were important to them. One table name was “The Jefferson Monument Table”, which represented where Clay first said “I love you” to Tanya. Another table name was “The Capitol Table”, which is where the couple met and Tanya said “yes!” On their exit from the wedding, their guests were given different-sized American flags to wave around.

Tanya commented on a favorite memory, “The favors we gave out were little jars of homemade raspberry jam. My Dad is famous for making jam out of the raspberries he grows in his garden in Colorado, so a few months before the wedding my Dad taught me and my bridesmaids his secret recipe and we made all the jam together!”

Another one of Tanya’s favorite memories to date is dancing with her father to “My Girl” at her wedding. The day was filled with special moments that celebrated the couple’s love for each other and the pride they have in America!


Tanya + Clay

Washington, D.C.

Event Planners: Allison Barker and Domineau Wiley | Design: Allison Barker and Domineau Wiley | Florist: Whitney Johnson | Reception Location: The Sheraton, Pentagon City | Ceremony Location: LDS Mormon Temple | Rentals: Peekaboo Photo Booth | Lighting Company: Family DJ | Photographer: Tessa Barton Photography | Cake + Desserts: Georgetown Cupcake | Hair + Makeup: Stephanie Hoover | Invitations and Day-Of Paper Company + Brand: Calligraphy |  Name cards: Mauri Earl | Save the Dates: TypeCase Industries LLC | Invitations: Minted | Entertainment Company + Selected Entertainer: Family DJ | Roomblocks | After Party | Brunch Locations + Details: Sheraton, Pentagon City


  • Tessa Barton Photography

Perfect Pair, Perfect Place – Real Wedding of K + R

June 24, 2015

Have you ever had a place that means so much to you because of the special moments and memories you have there? For Kelly and Reed, Georgetown is this place; it is a representation of memories and love from the moment they met. Georgetown is not only the place they met, but also the place where Reed proposed, and finally, the place they spent their perfect wedding day.

After attending school at Georgetown University, they both attended graduate school in upstate New York. Yet, they knew that Georgetown was the place where their fondest memories remained, and they planned their wedding to be there.

Kelly comments on the location, “My favorite moment of the day was walking through the doors of the chapel into a place that meant so much to me and seeing all of the people we love from all phases in our lives in one room – an incredible feeling! – and especially seeing Reed at the other end.”

Their ceremony was at Dahlgren Chapel on Georgetown’s campus, and their reception was at the Colonnade Room at the Fairmont Hotel. “At the end of the night, we had buses to take everyone to The Tombs (a staple of our college experience) to continue the festivities. It was truly our perfect day,” Kelly said.

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Kelly + Reed

August 9, 2014 | Washington, D.C.

Photographer: Melissa Tuck Photography | Venue: Ceremony: Dahlgren Chapel | Venue: Reception: Colonnade Room, Fairmont Hotel | Bride’s dress: Justin Alexander 8557 | Bride’s shoes: Badgley Mischka | Bridesmaids’ dresses: David’s Bridal | Groom and groomsmen attire: Men’s Wearhouse | Hair and Makeup: Perry Warren | Florals: Yellow Door Floral Design | Reception music: DJ Beach | Invitations: Cheryl Van Beveren, mother of the groom | Rings: Blue Nile | Transportation: ING Limo


  • Melissa Tuck Photography

Georgetown Glamour – A Styled Shoot

June 18, 2015

Anyone who lives in the District knows that Georgetown is one of the most darling places to visit. Every year, beautiful weddings happen in this part of D.C., and the atmosphere sets up for a perfect wedding experience. District Weddings wants to feature a styled shoot by Nick & Erin Photography that was inspired by the beauty that Georgetown exudes.

We asked Erin from Nick & Erin Photography a few questions about this particular styled shoot:

District Weddings: What inspired you to use Georgetown for this shoot?
Erin: When dreaming up this shoot, we wanted to make photos that were inventive and fresh, but that would look amazing 50 years from now. I couldn’t think of a better place than Georgetown because of its historic nature and beauty that continues to draw residents and tourists year round. The classic red bricked courtyard and the modern interior of the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown was a great combination for our classic bride, along with the Georgetown waterfront.
DW: What was your favorite part of doing the shoot?
E: I loved watching the shoot come together with such a talented group of local vendors! Each one had incredible expertise and creative vision. We had the perfect pieces and hair and makeup design that made the end result better than I ever could have imagined. I especially loved the adorable sweetheart and dessert table designed by Heather Misner–I wanted to eat everything (and full disclosure, I taste tested a few items)!
DW: Where is the best place you have shot a wedding before?
E: We have enjoyed shooting in a variety of locations, from the classic ballroom to rustic vineyards, to tropical destinations. We love it all! Perhaps one of the most exciting places we have shot a wedding before was in Santorini, Greece! We love traveling, so this was a great opportunity for us personally as well. And this summer, we are looking forward to another new place for us in Yosemite National Park!
DW: What is the best part of a summer wedding?
E: Nick and I are definitely warm weather people, so we love summer weddings! The best part of a summer wedding is everyone seems to be more relaxed, the weather is perfect for being outdoors in the evening, and the daylight lasts longer so we have so much time for great outdoor photos!

gtown3gtown4gtown5 gtown6gtown2gtown15gtown12 gtown14gtown17gtown21 gtown18


Photography: Nick & Erin Photography | Event Stylist: Heather Misner | Venue: Ritz Carlton, Georgetown |Flower Stylist: Everlong Flowers | Wedding Gowns: Hitched | Jewelry: Pave Jewelers |MUA: Jessie Campbell | Hair Stylist: Kirsten Marie Design | Model: Ryan Leigh

District Weddings Styled Shoot: Boho Beauty

June 16, 2015

The bride’s dress is light and airy, and the groom’s outfit is equally as carefree. Yet, just because their attire is carefree does not mean that it is careless – the outfits, together, represent the epitome of a carefully designed boho wedding shoot that is filled with color and happiness. But playing with different dimension, texture, color and style we were able to pull together an eclectic look that could have at least one detail for every reader. It takes a village and mine was truly amazing!

G2i8qxrU2bL7WcTmiQ80bQwma9PLvRB7UiJ3zFvtrPoOcIaoHbY6j7mva-xlmoMgEuus7SzIaW8WVrejunqq1IJennifer DomenickJennifer DomenickJennifer DomenickJennifer DomenickJennifer Domenick 9UYAnIu3TK0nsLCTTP9GKT7922MtRu8W_qmjI1PRY1QTqvW_WiGDFsOzUsHLYdPZJBdbOvqS4fvQ0Hn91FXPLESEjioLrQKJz2Jhv1qTICNxMXkmUUQ0SYqEB_6Uslsi0zYolsYB8SoKvcWIXQ1R25feG9VzKNaEnI4Q7aPA86VQ,58hW-l1KB--I0yW2RrdUzttxjFGrbaYYmmv7AcTy3JQlH_do_dganOaDwREK7gMrzA3ffiD5IgsvPKHaG2FV20,rAh-42dCtncjDPusgJ3iB8ME54YGT3fhNYEZKmQ8u4QStvyBGuIoTfBhdUvIn7MPx5abUbB2AHGMlMCY6Uq3wY,Nc8KxAbhgkw5hqb4rvqz19fe42GQD3ZQdChyxCORarM vU68F-dy_FCwjHH5RpkgQfhb_lR6z2Ej8EAOcljiMQM,JNCkax9BtGfuomBsE3gqhJJCXLj8QtTosczl9P6yyuk

| The Talent |

Photography Credit:  Jennifer Domenick, Love Life Image | Cookies and confections: Buttercream Bakeshop | Venue/Car: Private Property | Florals: EDGE Flowers | Welcome Baskets: Marigold and Grey | Hair and Makeup: Modern Bridal Hair Studio | Models: The Artists Agency | Bridal Attire: Hitched Salon | Groom Attire: Alton Lane | Placesetting + Details: Salt and Sundry Designer: Jeannette Tavares via District Weddings 


  • Love Life Images
    Love Life Images
  • District Weddings
    District Weddings

District Weddings Styled Shoot: It’s All in the Details

June 15, 2015

Today on the blog, we have something extra special to share with you! We often feature styled shoots from many different photographers on the blog, but today, this styled shoot is coming at you from us. We take pride in bringing together District Favorites and amazingly talented folks to create a one-of-a kind look. Today, DW has styled a shoot that emphasizes the importance of details in a wedding. Today’s colors are bright and popping, with shades of orange being the dominant color. Take a look and notice how beautiful it is when colors come together in a cohesive way!

 The amazing Tiffany MacIsaac from Buttercream Bakeshop was given a few colors and from there she took her boho inspired color palette + created  cookies and confections beyond your wildest dreams.

xQm-PXT4J4lLiZoDFkckEKOfcQRY0mW9wnzOeHIO33MbOpvl7l-SiRoOJAiVnnb626Z_Qa6GqeoVSAYxb3bGwkKlvoxPtPAdaw3m783u0DAtFo1uyim2IW_Re0Jnfny0g gRABkhsg2wEI4QjqVeI5My22GjCw2NkxrDa3Pn9arVI,_Bi6tG3AxC8OWqyjNzOWG4q4hbq9yYBYsjZzWLYBswIG8tIzpO3B2O2cDVWjT2gD6CzqzW4p6ZawW9pElA8HlE,ob0A_CMqTmbCNdzDkEfSjiHeU6yXI9lBIlvVSn45wSgGWQx_RIn6lZZxdyAT68Se18jVLdnO2y3wGgSSMH9Pd4MJ8tYALwQ_fk0a3ocEpkg7D7lUwN8KfsH2Nr9cqNzI8,_Kun_xDXygMPDgpOxO-BX233UoIpNniFlkFZjouPe9EojTtgq8oz5Ybx0nqzauS6jXXLGu8uiuq76DwnbntxPwm7W_lyXhadKFLe5sSv0SNErzqAJZzNhi76bnFwkqQvsp6esVP4_8GGQBuFZzTAh4hS4warx6C4CpDTREePnWYc


Bill Enright from EDGE flowers does it again with the freshest poppies in all the land. This dreamy bright bouquet is perfect for that bold bride that isn’t afraid of a little color.


It’s all in the details, and we couldn’t have pulled the shoot together without taking several visits to our favorite shops: including Salt and Sundry, LH Calligraphy, + World Market.


| The Talent |

Photography Credit:  Jennifer Domenick, Love Life Image | Cookies and confections: Buttercream Bakeshop | Venue/Car: Private Property | Florals: EDGE Flowers | Welcome Baskets: Marigold and Grey | Hair and Makeup: Modern Bridal Hair Studio | Models: The Artists Agency | Bridal Attire: Hitched Salon | Groom Attire: Alton Lane | Placesetting + Details: Salt and Sundry | Designer: Jeannette Tavares via District Weddings 


  • Love Life Images
    Love Life Images
  • Buttercream Bakeshop
  • EDGE Flowers

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