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Seasonal Bouquets

September 22, 2015

With all the amazing inspiration out there, it is hard for you to truly understand what you can get  during your wedding season! The most important question you can ask to your floral provider is: What flowers are in season in ____ month? What can I expect my bouquet to look like? This will truly help you visualize and understand the outcome of your look and style.

What is in season this month?




Snap Dragon


Here are some of our top bouquets from past Real Weddings we have featured:


Phillippa Tarrant Floral Design

Photo: Sarah Culver Photography


Holly Chappell Flowers 

Photo: Dominique Fierro


Helen Olivia Flowers

Photo: Abby Jiu Photography


Amore Events

Photo: Sera Petras


Classy and Charming – Real Wedding of K + J

July 28, 2015

When looking at Kaitlin and Jeff’s wedding, the perfect way to describe it can be wrapped up in one word: “classy”. This was the look that the couple was going for, and they certainly accomplished exactly what they wanted from this day!

The wedding was made up of navy, white, and soft pink colors, and all of them blended perfectly. The feeling of the wedding was gentle, yet exciting and romantic. Kaitlin explains her favorite details in her own words:

I loved how the first floor changed between the ceremony and reception.  The ceremony was beautiful with an arch of flowers and greenery that we stood in front of.  Then when we came downstairs from cocktails for dinner it was amazing to see how the space had been transformed for the reception.

The wedding was located at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, which was the perfect place for Kaitlin and Jeff’s classy and sophisticated wedding.


XtMPeaKoei7hJf_sN4qDCEuDviAoDC1kFRA_0J6WKdA,cxJKVRRYlTWNjABk4-aApBTcywX3Z_1QP9vpgQFpd7wNLq-_eSJsrBtPfDbd68uiqnqfjt_no3VjEOp3h9AJwEULse-DS1VjrxeIvCWvnXwyYU7Eh5oNGVifo6V_nyBpI,J1TR06wR8m3BPazkZITB0GivQSmbc1d2bmujd9Ox2vg1-9qJjlAuRiFaJYkOSbF4exTXqHgvmV2XkQUYw7YszYMSrTYOev95yr93SzmiveEYOKv2FQeSnzAvVu1H0ymmk,G-iuqrmaA15nCZrTlH2qBvbwYfaq3GewEXipLDsGwtsnqE_E8PtjG3QQngadAVxlIBqG_gnNk6jJNrUnn1HZfw,mhCiZfABN0xOfvFFDHuoE6ckEEghX0d060p84RUhmZI 31n1VJMIGqJECKXEDxbFuLCPCT1AILrGYw4qlv6frVo,hoT9O2rNPklfMGJ9u4WOg3H35SmCCelRqWQvRZlXjQIZlzs8ypHrwNjHEzNMgiZeNF6lQe4qwBt0zyL2UZ8xCI,8Js1uznTOcVhaEC3pt0l-cbp_3xXDkRm1yfEYzBpOuoiRK5yQ7dQWfNRGpjOL_UVnqrrPLrqFkrHaOXZ90wNeUx6K9XTu8Tvpq5zWAkQxYXacW37co-dvzBSQq0Cza_QY,gcJylUXlX84tqM0E4bK9i7v1q2_rzPQBms6qZRfiSdo,imFQBNY0KciK30oRFDcPMW75UxH7nTQrG49cPGungDQ0JFLVR-MRGiUfXDo1Q-TED0r1gyjv2GzO5eiMdxm6_8,GogfTxTEBV8t9zoUmDfAe9Lv8JSYSGslvpdQuinPdmE9tnmOc9r-ZSu7l_NeHaP3QlS0rre88aN-x3d3KRTqPw,_Nv6g3W0MtSw7aL7ArUyliFzoBCTgAOj8AqFZxNEmP0OlCccXMMIIfiREXI84WPUTy3Wj40tPmr68NAKD2V6P4,FtXOugdcTW26X8_ArxU_FnrprB3nKaHhMckaoioOEq4,raMDmYWL0gkP1GeWQQOZyzLj6ree8cYteTowtmHbUSw

Kaitlyn + Jeff

November 1, 2014 | Washington, D.C.

Event Planner:  A. Dominick Events  | Design: A. Dominick Events | Florist: Amaryllis | Reception Location: National Museum of Women in the Arts | Ceremony Location: National Museum of Women in the Arts | Rentals: Design Cuisine | Lighting Company: Frost Lighting | Photographer: Abby Jiu | Cake + Desserts: Design Cuisine | Hair: Amie Decker Beauty | Makeup: Kim Giammaria | Invitations and Day-Of Paper Company + Brand: The Dandelion Patch + Sugar Paper | Entertainment Company + Selected Entertainer: Andy Kushner Entertainment + Design Sound Connection


  • Abby Jiu

Tuxedo Thursday: Lapel

July 16, 2015

Lapel is a premium tuxedo rental brand, started in 2013 by brothers Graham and Seth Sowash. They offer slim fitting, high quality tuxedos and suits to guys who are looking for a better rental option. District Weddings knows that Lapel deserves the spotlight, so we caught up with them to ask some questions about the brand and why it is truly the “better black tie.”


District Weddings: How long has Lapel been in D.C.?

Lapel: We starting renting in DC in 2013, our first rental was actually for New Year’s Eve 2012.

Accessories banner

Taking a step back, a year and a half or so before that first rental, my brother Seth was preparing for his wedding and was looking for options for his groomsmen. He knew how terrible rental tuxedos were and thought that there had to be something decent out there. It turns out there wasn’t – nobody was offering a premium rental tux. So, we decided to get to work creating one; a rental that we ourselves would feel good wearing. Seth ended up wearing our first production sample on his wedding day. It fit better than the custom tux he had ordered online.

DW Graham's wedding 2DW Graham's wedding

DW: What do you think makes Lapel the “better black tie”?

L: Everything about our service is a step or two above the other guys, from top-notch customer service to the suits and tuxedos themselves. To put it simply, we just care more.

Early on we decided to design everything we offer from scratch. We didn’t want to be held back in any way by the status quo in the rental industry, ill-fitting, cheaply made suits. It turns out that all rental tuxedos are made by a few big manufacturers that buy the rights to a designer’s name, slap it on a cheap suit, and sell them to shops and rental chains across the country. No matter where you go, you get the same stuff.

We went about it a different way; sketching our own designs and finding manufacturers to make everything to our liking. We produce our own suits, shirts, shoes, and accessories. Our tuxedos are designed with a flattering slim fit and made from a smooth and lightweight 130s wool.

DW photoshoot shawl

In addition to providing an excellent product, we believe customer service is key. I heard from guys who’ve rented from national chains and had a salesman insist on putting them in a suit two sizes too big, despite the guy’s objection. We want our customers to feel confident that the people fitting them into their tuxedos know what they are doing, so we use the best custom tailors and menswear shops we can find. These are guys that sell custom clothing for a living; they know how young men like their suits to fit.

DW photoshoot gray

Another advantage to being a small company is that we are flexible; we can adjust to changes quickly. Whether that means taking care of a customer last minute, or a broader level adjusting to changes in the current style, we’re able to make moves where others can’t.

DW photoshoot peaked

We’re also working with LLS, the leukemia and lymphoma society this year to help raise money for blood cancer research. It’s a cause that is meaningful to us. Less than a year after starting the business, Graham was diagnosed with leukemia. After chemo, a stem cell transplant, and months in the hospital under the care of some amazing doctors and nurses, he is in remission and doing awesome. It was a tough time for our family, but it reminded both of us how lucky we are.

DW: What is the most popular suit at Lapel?

L: We started out with a peaked lapel tuxedo, which is the classic and will probably always be the most popular. This year we’ve added a shawl collar tuxedo as well as a gray 3-piece suit for a less formal option.

DW wedding peakedDW wedding peaked 2

DW: Why is it important to you to have a location in D.C.?

L: We chose DC first of all because it’s where we’re from, or close to it. It’s a classy city, a stylish city, and in addition to hosting some amazing weddings, there are a lot of black tie balls and fundraisers to take care of.

In the beginning, while we were designing the line and ordering inventory, we were also looking for the best independent menswear shops in DC to partner with. After speaking with Kosta at Geoffrey Lewis Custom Tailors, we knew we had found the right guy. Geoffrey Lewis is a family run shop on H Street, downtown. In addition to being a really stylish guy, Kosta is one of the nicest people we’ve ever met.

As well as renting from Geoffrey Lewis, this year we’ve added an appointment only location in Rockville, MD. Outside of the metropolitan area, we’ve expanded down to Charlotte, North Carolina, partnering with the custom menswear shop Abbeydale.

DW Seth's wedding

If you have any questions, email Graham at, or visit their website at



All photos provided by Lapel.





  • Brittany Custer Photography
  • Christine LeGrand
  • Theo Mercado

An Enchanting Event – Real Wedding of J + E

July 14, 2015

With the mountains in the background and colorful flowers in full bloom, Jenny and Eoin tied the knot. Charlottesville, Virginia, held a beautiful wedding, as a long-distance couple finally was able to be together in the same country.

Jenny and Eoin met in London and were engaged in Paris, which is why vintage postcards were set up all around their wedding day. They both studied in the UK for their Masters programs, but Jenny had to leave Europe before Eoin did. Finally, nine months later, the couple was together again, and this time for good.

The wedding details had a lot to do with the homes of both Jenny and Eoin, which are Ireland for Eoin and Virginia for Jenny. Jenny made a lot of her decor, such as the programs, menus, favor cards, etc. For their favors, they donated to two charities that were close to them: The Lost Dog and Cat Foundation and American Rivers.

It was a lovely day, filled with perfect weather and a perfect couple. Congratulations Jenny and Eoin!

38_Hurst_Enos 37_Hurst_Enos 36_Hurst_Enos   33_Hurst_Enos  31_Hurst_Enos 30_Hurst_Enos    24_Hurst_Enos 23_Hurst_Enos02_Hurst_Enos  20_Hurst_Enos         03_Hurst_Enos  05_Hurst_Enos11_Hurst_Enos08_Hurst_Enos12_Hurst_Enos15_Hurst_Enos16_Hurst_Enos17_Hurst_Enos09_Hurst_Enos22_Hurst_Enos42_Hurst_Enos26_Hurst_Enos28_Hurst_Enos44_Hurst_Enos50_Hurst_Enos

Jenny + Eoin

Charlottesville, VA – April 11, 2015

Event Planner: Day of Coordinator: Beverly Wakefield, A Grand Affair Events | Design: DIY | Florist: Jenn Pineau, Nature Composed | Ceremony/Reception Location: Early Mountain Vineyards | Rentals: MS Events | Valet + Transportation: Reston Limousines |Photographer: Matt Mendelsohn | Cake + Desserts: annaB Gluten Free (cake and cupcakes), Olivia Macaron | Hair + Makeup: Bridal Artistry DC (hair by Mandy Holinger) | Invitations and Day-Of Paper Company + Brand: Rifle Paper Company
(invitations), The Dandelion Patch (invitation envelope calligraphy), Adrianne Enos (day-of calligraphy) | Entertainment Company + Selected Entertainer: Sam Hill Entertainment, The Significant Others | Roomblocks/After Party Locations: Hyatt House Falls Church, Courtyard Marriott Dunn Loring


  • Matt Mendelsohn

Welcome Gift Wednesday: Week One

July 1, 2015

District Weddings caught up with Jamie from Marigold & Grey  to discuss the best possible welcome gifts for your wedding. Jamie is ready to dish all of her awesome advice to us, and we are so appreciative!


Part One: What to Include in Your Wedding Welcome Gifts

People often ask me for advice on what to include in their wedding welcome gifts. When designing gifts, I take into consideration many factors such as location, wedding style, budget, color palette and even the personalities and interests of the couple. But overall, the most important thing is to make sure the gift is well-balanced. For example, you don’t want to break the bank on a huge, fancy tote bag with a few tiny items inside. Nor do you want to fill a gift box full of salty items without room leftover for a beverage to quench your guests’ thirst.

Try and include one item from each of the below categories and you can’t go wrong! Worried about budget? Don’t fret! Simple items for each category are just fine. It’s thoughtfulness and balance that matter most.


Image credit: Marigold & Grey


Something Sweet

 This is a great opportunity to choose something local. Do you and your fiancé have a favorite bakery nearby? Maybe an individually-wrapped brownie or cookie from this establishment would be the perfect sweet (and meaningful!) snack. Are you having a seaside wedding? Salt water taffy is a great ocean-inspired option to satisfy your guests’ sugar cravings. If you want to tie in your wedding color palette into the gift, macarons are a fantastic way to show off your wedding colors. Or, perhaps you simply want to welcome your guests with a celebratory vibe. Champagne Gummy Bears or Champagne Bubbles by Sugarfina are always a Marigold & Grey favorite!


Image credit: Olivia Macaron


Something Savory

This is a great chance to help your guests balance out the sweet with some good old-fashioned salty! Some ideas we like include salted peanuts, flavorful crackers, bagel crisps, pita chips, trail mix, popcorn, gourmet potato chips or maybe even some high-quality beef jerky.


Image credit: Marigold & Grey



 Let’s face it. It’s pretty annoying to check into a hotel and discover that water isn’t included in the room. Help your guests stay hydrated especially since they’ll be enjoying cocktails and dancing the night away at your reception! For an added touch, consider sparkling water. Mini San Pellegrino bottles always look nice. And my recent favorite? Perrier now makes a ‘Slim Can’ which fits nicely into welcome gifts and added bonus…it isn’t breakable! Also consider seasonally appropriate drinks such a gourmet hot chocolate for a winter wedding or a spring IPA beer from a local brewery. For example, Fordham & Dominion’s Cherry Blossom Lager is perfect for spring weddings in the DC area when the cherry blossoms are sure to be on your guests’ radar.


Image credit: Krista A Jones Photography


Welcome Info

 Chances are, you have all the particulars spelled out on your wedding website as well as the invitation suite you mailed out. But, once guests arrive in town, they may not have easy access to all the info. Make it easy for them by creating a weekend timeline along with any necessary maps to help them get to where they need to be. Also, don’t forget a heartfelt message thanking your guests for making the trip. It can be a simple letter on a 5×7 piece of cardstock. Or a step further… create a booklet of the “who’s who” of your wedding party or even the background into your love story. I really love this custom tri-fold designed by The Dandelion Patch for a Karson Butler Events wedding in Washington, DC!


Image credit: The Dandelion Patch


Amenity Items

This is a great chance to offer your guests the conveniences of home . You can keep it basic and include breath mints or gum, Advil packets, and Pepto Bismol. Or perhaps take it a step further and create a small amenities kit. Include such conveniences as Rosebud Salve lip balm, earplugs, Bandaids, hangover remedies, Kleenex, eye drops, hand sanitizer, bug spray, sunglasses, SPF, or even a beach towel. I really like this neutral drawstring bag to hold smaller items neatly within the welcome gift.


Image credit: Krista A. Jones Photography


Meaningful Keepsake

And now for the icing on the cake! If you still have room in the budget, including a meaningful keepsake is a fantastic way to leave your guests with something to remember your wedding by. I adore these city-specific cedar coasters from Neighborwoods. Or even a notecard set featuring artwork depicting landmarks of the city where you’re getting married. You can even let your gift packaging double as a keepsake by choosing a tote with a screenprinted map of the area. You can also highlight hobbies or interests that play a role in your relationship. Have fun and get creative!


Image credit: Rodney Bailey Photography


We are so grateful to Jamie for her words of wisdom on this important wedding topic. Check back next week and every Wednesday in July for more tricks of the trade when it comes to welcome gifts!


  • Marigold & Grey
  • Olivia Macaron
  • Krista A Jones Photography
  • The Dandelion Patch
  • Rodney Bailey Photography

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