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How to Create an Inspiration Board

I think the easiest way to create an inspiration board is to first find one or two pictures that you LOVE.  It could be a picture of your ceremony or reception venue, a bouquet, a centerpiece, an invitation, or even just a single flower.  

Then, start to look for other pictures that complement your favorite photo.  The best places to look are often bridal sites such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Modern Bride, and The Knot.  These sites feature loads of ideas and most always allow you to download the pictures directly from the site.  

Note: If you right-click on a photo and are given an option called “Save As…,” this usually means you can download that picture.  Select the “Save As…” command and save the photo as something you’ll remember in a folder with other wedding photos.  Ideally, you want to save photos as jpgs if you can.  You can then insert your pictures into any photo program, such as Photoshop, or even use Microsoft Word and insert the pictures as images into a table.

You want to be sure you are varying the types of pictures you select.  Choose one of a centerpiece that you like, one of a wedding favor, one of an invitation, maybe one of a bridesmaid dress in a particular color or style, one of a groom’s attire, the list goes on and on.  The point is to create inspiration, not something that you will copy exactly.

Let’s start with one picture of a landscape.  If your wedding is going to be held in the rolling hills of Virginia (like mine), this is a good starting point.


Photo: Martha Stewart Weddings


Now, picturing a wedding held in this landscape, envision how the guests would arrive.  Maybe in a trolley?  What would the tables look like?  If it was an autumn event, the tables could be decorated with gourds, pumpkins, and fall foliage.  The event would likely be held in the evening, so candlelight could be beautiful….

sample-inspiration Photos: Martha Stewart Weddings


If I was planning this event, this is what I see…A trolley, dusk, vineyards, fall foliage, candlelight…

This board now becomes a source of inspiration — for me, for the florist, for the caterer, for everyone working to pull together an amazing wedding with a common vision.

Give it a try!  You’ll see that you will start to obsess over inspiration boards!  If you need any help, let me know!

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