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January 17, 2013

Jen Steibel of SoCo Events  lives by the mantra “in a major matter no details are small”- and we couldn’t agree more!  Thankfully, with Jen’s expertise, you don’t have to do it all alone. Today Jen shares some of her advice for brides as they go through the planning process, and what makes SoCo events unique.

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How did you get your start in event planning?

It all started in college with an internship.  I was on the track for law school, but wasn’t quite sure.  Through my internship with a large event planning company in the area I knew that event planning was my passion and love.  I learned invaluable lessons and more than I could have imagined.  The planners became my mentors and still are today.  I recommend that anyone who is interested in this crazy wedding world start with an internship, there really is no better way to learn!
After college, I started working in corporate events and after learning that side of the business, SOCO EVENTS was launched in 2006. Having both the social and corporate experience was wonderful set of tools that has served me well.

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What makes SoCo events different than other event planners?

Our style is one thing that sets us apart.  There are many great planners in the area, but you really need to work with one that matches your style and taste.  I am very proud that SOCO EVENTS has earned a reputation for elegance and luxury that can be seen in all of the weddings we are honored to work on. We achieve this by truly emerging ourselves into a clients wedding through our “concierge planning style”  We are there every step of the way and believe that by participating in all tasks, big and small, we are able the infuse your style and look throughout the entire wedding.  Our mantra really is “in a major matter no details are small”

Image Credit: Justine Ungaro Photography 

What is the best part of your job? What is the most challenging part?

I love so much, I am kind of obsessed! I love getting to know my clients and their families, I love observing the last intimate moment a bride and her father share before helping them down the aisle and mostly I love creating an extraordinary event that a bride didn’t even know was possible.

The most challenging part of my job is a bride that wants 100 different looks wrapped into 1.  The internet and social media are wonderful tools, but can be overwhelming to a bride.  When I sit down with a client to begin a “style file” I love seeing all of the images and inspiration, but what can be tough is when the images inspire her to want an outdoor rustic barn wedding and a black tie ballroom extravaganza all at the same time.  My job then becomes to take pieces of everything she loves and merge it into one beautiful event all her own.  Brides generally have great taste in life, but they find it hard to translate that into a wedding.  This is a challenge, but actually one of my favorite parts of the planning process!

Image Credit: Jennifer Lust Photography

If you could give newly engaged ladies one piece of advise what would it be?

Trust!  It is the cornerstone of every good marriage (which is what we really should be focusing on throughout this process) and it will serve you well in planning.  Trust yourself to make the right decisions, second guessing yourself after you have put the deposit on your dress will drive you crazy!  Trust your amazing vendors, they are experts in their fields and want to create a beautiful, successful event as much as you do. Trust your fiancé when he tells you to “relax”, sometimes a little vacation from wedding planning can do wonders!  Trust me when I tell you “I will be the bad guy” and let me deliver the news to your soon to be mother-in-law that she is not  giving the first speech at the reception.  You have to live with these people for the rest of your “happily ever after,” not me :)

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