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The Second Most Important Question – Pt. 2

June 9, 2015


This one is for all you grooms out there who have yet to ask your main men to stand next to you on your wedding day! Last week, we discussed on the blog how to ask your ladies to be your bridesmaids (if you missed it, check it out here!). So today, it’s the guys’ turn to think of some creative ways to pop the question.

Guys, we know that the way you go about asking this question is going to be entirely different than the way your bride is going to go about it with her friends. We are fully aware that a spa day with engraved champagne bottles is not exactly the way you plan to ask your guys to be your groomsmen. Although this may not be what you plan on doing, there are still ways that you can ask and make your friends know that they are important, just as this day is important to you.

Tips for asking your guys to be your groomsmen:

1) Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean that this step of the wedding process should be taken lightly.

Your best friends are rooting for you, and even if they may not squeal and jump up and down when you ask them to be a groomsman, they are still honored to have been asked by you. Show them how much you care by asking them in a way that makes them feel important and essential to your day.

2) There are non-cutesy ways to ask your guys to be a part of your wedding.

Round up your main guys for a bourbon tasting, a golf day, give them tickets to see your favorite sports team play, take them out for burgers and beer…the list is endless when it comes to ways that will be fun and special to ask your friends to be your future groomsmen.

3) Be intentional about the way you ask!

As guys, it is sometimes not as natural to talk about the way you feel about your friends as it may be for your bride to gush about her girls. But when you ask them about being a groomsman, make sure you reiterate to them that the reason you are asking is because you care about them and they are essential to making your wedding day perfect.








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